Sunday, January 27, 2013

Latest Review for Fair Play!

This review is from: Fair Play (Paperback) "Fair Play" by Gunnar Angel Lawrence I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Gunnar Angel Lawrence created a suspenseful and thrilling crime novel. The mystery was great and I really had no idea who the true bad guy was until it was revealed. There were parts in the book where I thought I knew who did it and then other parts where I thought someone else did it. I was wrong on all accounts. I loved the twists and turns the author threw at me, and any Mystery/Crime lover will enjoy this 4 STAR book! This book is based around the court case of a child murderer. There were many people involved in the case, whether on the police force, as lawyers, judges, or victims. With a good enough lawyer, anyone can be deemed innocent even though it is so obvious they are guilty. One little mistake with a warrant, and all solid evidence can be thrown out. That's what happened with Jasper Davis, the child murderer. A lot of people had negative feelings towards the case and were appalled that Jasper Davis was getting off. Someone named "Justice" had very strong feelings about the situation and took action into his own hands to make sure justice was served. He wasn't just angry at Jasper Davis...he was also very angry with the cops and lawyers. He felt that any lawyer who could defend Mr. Davis and let him go free without a second thought, was just as guilty. Justice wanted to make sure everyone involved in Mr. Davis' case in a negative way was put on trial...a special kind of trial. You need to read "Fair Play" by Gunnar Angel Lawrence to learn exactly how "Justice" put these people on trial. Learn what happened to everyone, and find out who Justice really is. You will be surprised! "Fair Play" is your novel with the good guys and bad guys. However, in this novel the line is blurry between the two. Are the good guys really good? What's the bad guys "reason" for being bad? "Fair Play" is a book that switches points of view from several people: a detective, a lawyer, the DA, a victim's father, and the bad guy. I liked the perspective of all the different people throughout the book since they were all connected to the same crime in some way. It was great being able to see inside of their heads and feel their emotions - it really helped in understanding the novel as a whole. I liked how Author Gunnar Angel Lawrence wrote this story overall, and I really liked how he ended this story. I thought it was perfect. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more of his work in the future!

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