Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Crystal Ashe Saga Begins!

Crystal kneeled before him and slowly unbuckled his massive leather belt. She moved her long chocolate-brown hair to the side, her work tended to get it messy. The impressive bulge in his pants seemed to crawl out before her an animal in search of its prey. She eyed his package with more than a little surprise, it was fucking huge! She gazed up into his dark eyes and shuddered just a bit at their cold, unresponsive stare. She pulled his member out with petite, pale hands, the pale pink of her hand made all the more obvious in comparison to his ebony cock. She pulled gently as it rose to meet her face and she took him into her mouth, gliding her lips over his dark mast. He did not move, and did not respond to the warm moist throat he had now entered. She moaned softly as his cock reached the limit of size she could take in and expertly guided her velvet soft tongue over and under, teasing his scrotum with her experienced finger. He didn’t move. She slid off his shaft and began sucking on his hairless balls. His dick tensed slightly as she moved her hand softly over his engorged head and took it into her mouth again. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on getting him off as quickly as possible so he would leave and not return. Men usually responded better to this stimulation, at least with a moan or something. But he did not move a muscle. “Maybe,” she thought to herself, “Maybe at the age of eighteen, I’m getting too old for this and I’m slipping.” She plunged him as deep as she dared inside her mouth and nibbled gently on his foreskin. She felt the slight shudder in his cock and regained her confidence. He was rock-hard now and seemed to plunge himself deeper. He was responding now. With deft hands and more years experience than she cared to think, she maneuvered her tank top off and released her generously perky C-cups. Her nipples hardened in anticipation of receiving a stroke, a touch or a tongue, which at this point, they usually got. She grabbed his firm ass and squeezed. She pulled his swollen cock from her mouth and began yanking gently with thumb and forefinger under his scrotum. Her smooth tongue traced a line over his balls leaving a warm wet trail. She guided her nipples across his leg as she moved upward, pulling gently on his ball sack with her mouth. She pulled away and gazed into his eyes again searching for some kind of response. There was none. So she smiled. She had her rules of life and this was number four. Rule 4 ‘Smile, even when you don’t mean it.’ A smile doesn’t mean you’re happy, it doesn’t have to. His hand disappeared behind his back, she tensed just a little, waiting for him to grab her and throw her on the bed to fuck her. Or maybe he was going to begin caressing her breasts causing her nipples to harden even more. Or, she thought, maybe he was into weird shit and wanted to fuck her tits. She never did quite understand that, but the man with the money is the boss. But no, his hand returned from around his back and held a Glock 17. He pressed it firmly against her forehead and spoke the first words she had heard since they entered the room. “Suck this, whore.”

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