Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Promoting Your Book

Every author/writer/novelist would much rather be writing their new book/story/poem than they would spending time marketing their work. Sadly, there is no easy way to get out of the plain truth that if you want your writing to sell, you; that's right YOU have to promote it. It doesn't really matter if you published the traditional way or as an indie author, getting the word out is key.

And social media is the way to do it. But for those of you who are doing everything right, there is still the issue of HOW to use social media to promote your book. Beginners in the promotions endeavors find every conceivable Facebook group, page and event and post the same ad for their latest book on each of them.

Every day.

Every week.

And I'm guilty of that. When I didn't know what I was doing, I was doing just that. There's a word for what I was doing. That word is SPAM. And there's a word the describes perfectly those who do it, me included, and that word is Ass-Hat. Don't be an Ass-Hat! Here is a plan for you writers who don't have the budget to pay someone to do it for you, who don't have the time to be posting, tweeting and hashtagging 24/7.

I can't promise sales will result if you do this, what I do promise is a rapid and continued spurt in your Facebook and Twitter following. The more attention you get in these main places the better you will be prepared for the next promotion or the next book. Are you ready? Did I mention that this is Free?

First, when you open your Twitter account page click on the "ME" button. Find the "Lists" tab and click. These Lists enable you to organize your followers into different 'folders'. Create a list for authors in your genre, create another one for those in a genre that is not yours. Scroll through your followers and add each author, writer and poet to that list. Got it so far?

Next, open up an account at (no there's no m in the .co) Scroll down to find the "Lists" section on your Roundteam page. Use the title of your author list on the Twitter account and add it to the Roundteam List page. What will this do? It will mean that every author, writer and poet on your list in Twitter will be automatically Re-Tweeted. They will see you RT'ing and recommend you as someone great to follow. You will get followers. In a period of just over two months, I went from being under 1,000 followers to close to 3,000 followers.

Now you are RT'ing 24/7 even when you only get on Twitter for minutes each day. Your Twitter following will increase as you add more writers, authors, and readers to your list. What about Facebook you may ask?

That's when we move out of the free and into the per month promotions priced at $6.00 a month with (No "I" in Gremln) For $6.00 a month you can schedule recurring posts to your personal FB page, your Twitter account, and a Linked In Account as well. Schedule promotions weekly, monthly, annually or if you must, daily. (Don't do too many of those, though.)
Gremln will allow you to post, tweet, and more all day long every day, on multiple social media pages all at the same time. You don't NEED Gremln to use the RoundTeam, but I highly recommend it because your auto posts will be RT automatically by everyone on that list.

It's exponential growth in promotion which gives you the free time to write that sequel. Add me to your author list and send me a note to add you.

We'll discuss hashtags, filters and more later, just get started now and watch the results!

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